Pai Gows Pokers

What is Pai Gows Pokers, and how does it work?

Sam Torosian founded Pai Gows Pokers in 1985, therefore it lacks the long & historic history of blackjack, roulette, and Texas hold 'em, which are all popular casino table games.

The dominos-based game has been played in China for more than 1,000 years due to its derivation from Pai Gow Tiles (often referred to as "Pai Gow").

Because the maximum possible score was always nine points, it is thought that Pai Gow means "Make Nine" in Chinese.

Poker dealers are usually only involved in dealing cards & enforcing rules in most games.

For the purpose of Pai Gows Pokers, it's possible to either compete against or take on the role of a dealer.

It is the least risky casino game because of its leisurely pace & many hands ending in a tie or a push makes it a popular choice for social events.

Pai Gow's chances may vary from casino to casino, although they are typically the lowest of any casino table games.

You must start with the basics when you're studying Pai Gow for the first time.

The rules of Pai Gows Pokers are simple to learn, and you can learn the best strategy for playing Pai Gows Pokers in no time at all with a little practise.

To play the card game of Pai Gow, follow these guidelines:

Are you familiar with Pai Gow?

In Pai Gows Poker, players are dealt a 53-card deck, which contains 52 regular cards and one joker.

In this style of poker, there is no bluffing because the wagering takes place before the cards are delivered, making it easier to understand than in other poker games. To put it another way, all it takes to become an expert at a game is mastering its rules.

We should begin with the basics, so let's get started:

After bets have been placed, the dealer deals seven cards face up to each player and the banker in a game of Pai Gows Poker. A player or, in some situations, a player/dealer team, can act as the banker in a poker game.

Each player will then have a five-card high hand and a two-card down hand. It is always best to play with the higher hand than the lower one.

When it comes to house rules, the banker is allowed to play both an elevated and a low hand. Most casinos allow players to ask for assistance in placing their hand in the house method.

A hand can be won or lost in a variety of ways, based on the following factors:

Players win wagers if both of their hands are better than both of the banker's hands. remove the fee from the bet to get your profits (usually 5 percent ).

The stakes are scaled up when one of the player's hands defeats one of the bankers (refunded). You can apply this rule even when the banker loses both hands.

A player loses their bet if the player loses both hands to the banker.

List of Pai Gows Poker hands' rankings

The hand ratings in Pai Gows Poker are the same as in most poker variants, including Texas hold'em. A unique feature of Pai Gow is the inclusion of a joker in the deck.

When playing Pai Gows Pokers, the jokers is counted as an ace unless it is part of a flush or straight.

There were a few differences between Texas hold 'em hand rankings and Omaha's, however.

In Pai Gows Pokers, the best hand is 5 aces, which may be achieved with a joker in the deck.

There are two types of straights in casinos: broadway straights like a-k-q-j-ten and wheel straights like a2-3-4-five.

Here is a complete list of Pai Gows Poker hands. In a two-card low hand, the best possible hand is one pair.

Because it has four diamonds, it is referred to as an "ace-high" card.

Pai Gows Pokers Aspect Bets are bets on the outcome of a particular aspect.

Pay Gow Pokers are a type of side bet that may be found in both live and online casino environments.

The fact that these bets have a higher house edge than the ordinary game implies that they can be advantageous in the short term, particularly for games with progressive jackpots, but they should be avoided in the long run.

The Wheel of Fortune Pai Gows Poker's side bet is one of the most popular bets available. This side bet looks at all seven of the player's cards, regardless of how they are ultimately arranged.

Instead of predetermined odds, a natural seven-card flush without even a wildcard could pay out handsomely with this side wager, if a jackpot is provided instead of fixed odds. Player can win on trips or better in the majority of circumstances; nevertheless, in some cases, other pay tables require a full house to be started.

Also available are a variety of side wagers such as the Dealer Bonus and many variations of the Emperor's Challenge as well as other progressive wagering options.

If you're interested in an additional wager when sitting down and playing in a live casino, it's a good idea to ask a dealer, who will usually be happy to explain, how exactly the side bet works. This is because the side bet differs from one casino to another. The rules for any side bets that your favorite online casino may provide in conjunction with its Pai Gow game can be found on the casino's website.

Pai Gow strategy is a method of playing the game.

While it is true that setting the Pai Gows Poker hand might be challenging, most of the time, it is straightforward.

Take a look at the following hand: 4-Diamonds, 5-Clubs, 6-Spades, 7-Hearts, 8-Hearts are the cards dealt.

'In 2-Spades2-Clubs, this hand plays out as a straight on the low high hand and as a pair of deuces up top for the low high hand on the low high hand.'

What happens, though, if you're dealt a hand with 8 diamonds, 8 clubs, 8 diamonds, 9 spades, 9 diamonds, and 10 spades?

In poker, there are two types of hands: those that contain eight diamonds and those that have nine and eight diamonds.

You hold a very strong hand at the bottom of the deck, which is as follows: 9 Diamonds are a rare find. Nine Spades and ten Spades.


The best hand is a pair of nines with a q-Hearts, and the worst hand is an 8-Diamonds/8-Clubs combination.

Even if it appears to be the most obvious choice, the first hand may not be the best option, despite the fact that it is the most instinctive choice.

As for the second hand, it offers a more diverse range of options, with a pair of eights for the low hand again being nearly unbeatable and a pair of nines for the high hand almost always winning.

The Jokers are an important part of Pai Gows Poker.

When playing Pai Gow, the jokers are referred to as a "bug" rather than as a wild card to avoid confusion. A hand is considered an ace when it cannot be used to make either a straight or even a flush with the other cards in the deck. Five aces are among the top five hands in Pai Gow, therefore this opens the door for players who hold five aces.


Following the placement of the two-card and five-card poker hands in front of the players, the five-card and two-card poker hands are positioned behind the players (hence those nicknames). Every participant at the table is aiming to beat the "banker" with both hands against him. It's the same as in Baccarat in that the banker might be either the dealer or one of the other players present at the table.

Choosing the Most Valuable Player

Each player's hands are compared to the banker's hands in order to determine the winner. If both of the player's hands beat the banker's, the player wins. If neither of the players' hands beats the bankers, the game is declared a push or a draw, and the player receives his money back. If the banker's hands are better than the player's hands, the player loses. In the event of a draw, the banker is victorious. As a result, the house retains its distinctiveness. Because the house earns a commission on winning hands while a player is banked, the house is not required to have a competitive advantage. ​

Pai Gows Poker payouts are calculated using the following formula:

All the rules for the game are stated above, so you don't have to worry about learning anything new. Once all players have done putting up their own hands, the dealer's hand will be set up as well. When they have completed this phase, they will compare their hand to the hands of the participants and distribute prizes to those who have done so successfully.

If you defeat the dealer's hands with both of your own, you will receive a one-to-one ante.

The dealer wins all tie scenarios, such as when you have a pair of Kings on top of each other if you win one hand but lose the next.

The 5 percent commission most casinos levy on winnings increases the house edge even further for the player. This practice has been prohibited in a number of jurisdictions, which is extremely beneficial to gamers. When there is no commission involved in sports betting, only 1.3 percent of the house advantage can be discovered.

Pai Gows Poker is a game that requires strategy (Pai Gow)

If you follow the "house method" as a general rule, you'll find that your game improves. Two-card hands can be split into a five-card hand, or they can be kept as a five-card hand and the next highest cards used as a two-card hand if the next highest cards are aces. If you're unclear, you should consult with the dealer, who will be able to inform you how the house will arrange this hand. Please keep in mind that you have complete control over how you desire to position your hand in the air.

By choosing to continue both of the pairs in your 5 hand, your chances of defeating the banker are significantly improved. When playing Pai Gows Poker, you must have a hand that ranks higher than the banker's and beats both of their hands in order to be victorious.

Your five-card ranking hand must be worth more than the value of your two-card starting hand in order to qualify for the tournament. As a general rule of thumb, it's best to hold on to your stronger pair in your 5 hand and your worse pair in your highlighted hand. With practice, the Pai Gow hand method will improve your chances of winning the game.

To master the hundreds of situation-specific methods in this game, as in any other card game, expertise and experience are required, just as in any other. The Pai Gow hand tactics technique, in the end, may assist both novice and advanced players in having a successful and enjoyable time at the table!


The game of Pai Gows Poker isn't as popular at live casinos as it is online due to the fact that each hand might take a long time to complete. However, you can still find plenty of sites to play the game, both for free and for real money.

It's conceivable that you'll appreciate Pai Gow as much as you do Open Face Chinese Poker if you're a beginner. The game of Chinese Poker, as we know it now, has its roots in this one.

Because of the low house edges and frequent splits, you will not lose any additional money on the majority of sessions. It's possible to find yourself on a winning streak at the most inconvenient of moments when playing poker or any other table game.

Pai Gows Pokers: Faq:

1.What Is The House Advantage In The Game Of Pai Gows Poker?

In a regular Pai Gows Poker game, the house has a 1.46 percent advantage over the player. It is possible to reduce the house edge to 2.84 percent by charging a 5 percent commission on any and all winning hands, which is something that some players do.

In general, the house edge of a game will always be one of your safest bets, regardless of the situation. Side wagers, on the other hand, would be avoided at all costs.

2. What Exactly Is Pai Gow And How Does It Work?

"Make nine" and "card nine" are two vernacular phrases for the game of "pai gow," respectively. In terms of Pai Gows Poker, this doesn't make any logical sense. In spite of this, when Pai Gow – the Chinese dominoes game – is examined in its simplest form, it makes sense.

During a Pai Gow game, the maximum number of points you can earn is nine. Your goal in each game is to get a nine-point hand as close as possible.

3. Is There A Chances Of Getting Five Aces In Pai Gow Are Extremely Slim?

In the game of Pai Gow, the odds of getting five aces are 1 in 140,000. There are two hands that payout the most money in the game. The second-highest earning hand pays out 400 times the stake. Given the astronomical odds of receiving assistance in the near future, it seems doubtful.

4. What Is The Likelihood Of Getting A 7-Card Straight Flush?

In the Emperor's Challenge form of Pai Gows Poker, it is possible to obtain a seven-card flush. In order to avoid this, it isn't offered at all casino games. If you are dealt a unique hand by chance, you will receive 5000 times your stake, and if you are dealt a wild card, you will receive 1000 times your stake.

A seven-card straight flush is a very rare occurrence, with a 1 in 5,000,000 probability of occurring. It is feasible to claim that even little investments on such a gamble will result in significant returns. However, the chances of seeing something like to it in the future are quite slim.

5. What Is The Best Way To Play Pai Gows Poker?

After all of the participants have put their wagers in, a total of seven cards are selected from the shuffle machine. Each player's position in the poker game is indicated by a number displayed on the table.

A random number generator is used to select which player will be dealt the initial hand in each round. There are seven cards dealt to each person at the table, regardless of how many people are in the room.