Betfair Poker Freerolls

One of the top poker destinations for European pokelr players, Betfair is host to tons of weekly freerolls. Open to novices and professionals alike, when it comes to online poker, Betfair has table limits and buy-ins to suit players of all persuasions.

Betfair Poker
€1,000 Deposit Bonus
VIP Program
Cashout Speed
12-24 hours
Players Online
Daytime: 2500 | Evenings: 4000

Betfair Poker Poker Freerolls

All Times in C.E.T

Paddy's Daily Freeroll
07th Apr, 15:00 pm
No Password
€1,000 Predictor Freeroll
13th Apr, 15:15 pm
No Password
€500 Predictor Freeroll
13th Apr, 15:15 pm
No Password

Freeroll poker tournaments are the ones where you will be able to play free poker games. These are organized by poker rooms for increasing their player database. When you register for freerolls, you do not have to pay any money but you have the chance to win real money. In case you have just started playing poker, freerolls are a great way to gain experience with the tournaments. It is just perfect if you don’t want to invest money and want to play around a little. 

One of the sites that offer freerolls is Betfair Poker. 

BetFair Poker will provide you with 30 free tournaments each week. If you win a freeroll, you will be able to secure a seat at one of the biggest tournaments. This includes the weekly guaranteed tournaments and also live tournaments across the globe/ 

The Twister Tournaments of Betfair Poker is the variation of popular 3-player Jackpot Turbo SnGs. They have buy-in from €1-€100. You can win a maximum jackpot 1000 times the buy-in. With freerolls, you don’t require a buy-in. Use it to secure a seat at the table. 

Join Betfair Poker to Win Freerolls

When you sign up for Betfair Poker, you will receive €500 worth of tickets in Freeroll.

So, you have to sign up for the poker site to make your first deposit. Only when you find the site will you receive the freerolls. 

How to Claim the Welcome Freeroll?

After you have deposited money into the poker, you are instantly going to receive 2 Entry Tickets to €250 Sunday Freeroll. The tickets come with a 60 day expiry period. Also, you cannot convert it to cash. 

The tournament takes place every Sunday. Players can start with the tournament with 5000 chips and have 5-minute levels. Late registration is accepted for 11 levels to any player who has exclusive Freeroll tickets. 

Benefits of Playing with Betfair Poker Freeroll

The freeroll tournaments are free to enter. Even though you cannot win a big sum of money, it is worth playing. Here are some of the benefits of playing with freeroll. 

  • With this, you can lay the foundation of your bankroll. Several players have already stated that it is easy to move up in the game without even spending a single penny.
  • With freerolls, you can gain experience in playing poker. Playing for real money to practice the game means you stand a chance to lose money. Freerolls will give you a free chance to train yourself to play at the final table.
  • Freerolls are fun. You don’t risk losing your money. Several people enter these tournaments and you stand a chance to win a good deal of money. 

How to Win More Money from Poker Freerolls at Betfair Poker?

Like already mentioned, freeroll tournaments are an excellent way to build your bankroll. But there is no guarantee in terms of a tournament strategy. You should approach the tournaments in a manner that will give you the best chance to succeed. Avoid pitfalls, play your best, and hope for your luck to shine down upon you. 

One thing you need to know about freerolls is that you stand a better chance of winning if you are less skilled. This is a sweeping statement since freerolls do have good players but there is a greater percentage of weaker players. 

When you are playing make sure that you keep things simple. Limit your bluffs to a minimum and wager your strong poker hands. 

Players will be shoving all types of cards and calling with worse. However, you just need to hold your nerve to wait for the big hand. 

How to find Your Freeroll Password at Betfair Poker?

If you are looking for the password at Betfair Poker, here are a few places where you can find it. 

  • On Betfair Poker’s official poker room page on social networks.
  • On the comments or forum on the site.
  • From a message or letter from the room.
  • By subscribing to certain groups, pages, and public pages over the internet.

Betfair Poker poker rooms hold these freeroll tournaments with a password to limit the number of participants for the tournament. So, freerolls are there for everyone but there are also ticket tournaments that are only available to a certain number of people. Password-protected tournaments are a type of private game. Thus, only players who get the password will be able to participate in the tournament. 

Final Words

Participations are always free when it comes to Freerolls poker tournaments. However, when it comes to pass-protected freerolls, it is not available to all room players. You have to cater to additional conditions to win it. 

At Betfair Poker, you will get freerolls every day to bet on poker tournaments. It gives a lot of exposure to a new poker player.