Freerolls FAQ

What is a poker freeroll?
A poker freeroll is a poker tournament with no entry fee.
Why should I play in a poker freeroll?
You can win real prizes with zero risk and zero financial outlay. Poker freerolls are a great way to build up a poker bankroll and to develop your poker skills. If you win some money at freerolls you can try your hand at real-money poker tournaments and cash-games.

Many of the World’s most accomplished poker players started out playing freerolls (e.g. Chris Moorman who has $15,000,000 in tracked online lifetime poker cashes, and WSOPE winner Annette Obrestad both started their poker careers with freerolls.

What kind of prizes can I win in a freeroll?
Although poker freerolls usually offer cash prizes, it’s not uncommon to see other prizes up for grabs such as SNG or tournament tokens, poker satellite seats and even holiday packages or live poker-event packages. It just depends on the freeroll in question. Prizes are usually displayed in the tournament lobby in the poker client for the specific poker freeroll you’re playing.
Do I need to deposit to play freerolls?
Generally No – although there are some exceptions. Many poker sites offer monthly or weekly freerolls for new depositors – however there’s always plenty of other freerolls which you can play with zero bankroll.
How do I work out the ‘value’ of a poker freeroll entry?
to find out how much your entry to a tournament is actually worth simply divide the prizepool by the number of entrants. For example if a freroll with 100 entrants has a $100 prizepool and pays $30 for first prize, your seat is worth $1 (but you can still win $30!).
Which sites offer the best poker freerolls?
There is no one site which offers ‘the best’ freerolls. Generally a freeroll is deemed to offer ‘value’ if there is a small field of contendors and a significant prizepool.
What is a ‘raked hand’ freeroll?
Raked hands are the small deductions from a poker pot of real money ring games taken by the poker room as a charge for server maintenance, staffing and other costs. This ‘rake’ is also paid by players in tournaments (it’s usually 10% of the entry fee – so a $10 sng usually costs $10+1 – with $1 being retained by the poker room). If a freeroll demands that you have 10 raked hands for entry, you must generally play 10 cashgame pots which see a flop or showdown (so that rake is taken) to accumulate the required # of raked hands to register for the raked-hand freeroll
What is a new depositors freeroll?
As the name suggests, this type of freeroll is only open to new players who make a deposit on a given poker site. Most sites offer a depositor freeroll entry to new customers to encourage them to play tournaments on the site. These tournaments generally run once or twice per month and tend to have large playing fields but significant prizes too.
What is a good strategy for winning at freerolls?
Our poker freerolls strategy & tactics guide will give you plenty of useful tips for building a bankroll via freerolls.
Where can I find the best freerolls
We gather data directly from the poker rooms themselves which gives us the largest poker freerolls database online. Simply visit our poker freeroll listings page which lists over 150 freerolls daily!
Where can I find freeroll passwords
Freerolls are often protected using passwords. Our freeroll passwords page lists freeroll passwords and details to grant access to high-value and private freerolls
What is Rakeback?
Rakeback is a refund of some of the tournament fees and cash-game fees you pay to a poker room. Ususally you need to set up a poker rakeback deal with a dedicated rakeback website in order to get paid rakeback from an online cardroom.