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The number of advanced tools accessible online to better one's poker game and results is growing every day for both amateurs and professionals. Studying tree structure with that so, poker solvers, such as PioSOLVER, MonkerSolver, and Simple Postflop, is becoming an increasingly common learning tool for many players. When talking about hands to high-stakes players, they often bring up the topic of what kind of strategic plan a solver would use with a specific side that they played, as well as the reasons why they always either diverge from that strategy as well as follow the accurate recommendations from the solver in that particular hand. 

Learn what poker solvers are as well as what they can tell us all about No-Limit Holdem & GTO poker in this article. Most importantly, learn how improving the game using solvers can put extra money in your pocket.

A Description Of How Problem Solvers Function

Solvers are computer programs that calculate answers to all poker scenarios, to put it simply. It was unthinkable a few years ago that you would be able to operate such a complex piece of software from your home computer; yet, thanks to the computing capacity of modern PCs, it's no longer true. As a result, because the solutions offered by solvers are extremely close to game-theoretic optimal (GTO) behavior, a player who uses these GTO answers will not be abused by other players. 

You may find some of the plays advised by GTO solvers to be a little out of the ordinary if you haven't previously studied poker strategy with them. It is not necessary to be concerned; after studying a large number of locations repeatedly, you will be able to forecast how specific spots will be played by the solver. Besides that, you'll become acquainted with the jargon associated with solver applications!

The solvers produce strategies for those scenarios that are impossible to exploit once you enter some basic variables so that preflop hand ranges & accessible bet amounts into the system. The topic of running simulations with solvers has a plethora of content available. However, there are still elements in play that solutions are unable to overcome, such as range advantage & position — owing to the positioning disadvantage, it is difficult to construct a strategy for such Modify that would blow against Button. Similar rules apply in Tiny Blind versus UTG because Small Blind must put dead money together before the flop, and you can also calculate how much you will get from the tiny blind with various hands when UTG starts to lose the bare minimum.

What You Can Learn From Poker Problem Solvers.

If you think that it's fantastic that someone has invented a software that knows poker, consider this: because you're playing against humans, why should you worry about solvers? Only the house would win in the long term at a table where everybody is playing all hands according to the GTO poker strategy. Consequently, every player just at the table will only lose their share of the rake, and the game will become virtually unstoppable. Although this is a hypothetical circumstance, it is important to note that very few people achieve near-perfection in GTO.

Understanding optimal plays in game theory will not only help you to combat powerful regs more effectively, but it will also assist you in identifying strategic exploitation against weak players. Understanding optimal plays in game theory Given the fact that having a greater understanding as to how your opponent deviates from GTO pokers strategy lets you start coming up with superior exploits, this is the case. A higher victory rate is a result of this increase in success rates.

Starting with the fundamentals, such as preflop hand range, is a wise decision. Due to the frequent occurrence of these situations, even a minor improvement in the preflop game can have a significant impact on your performance quickly. Customize your game by designing GTO preflop charts or by purchasing a package that includes all of the preflop range for PLO or NLHE in one package. If you are a high-stakes online solver player, you should be aware that studying is almost a requirement these days in order to be successful.

When playing against a perfect opponent, it is important to remember that all the solver-based tactics are advanced techniques that should be avoided. When playing low as well as mid-stakes cash events on most online gambling sites, it's quite rare for individuals who fit this description. 

Overall, throughout the first few cycles of play, you will detect flaws in your opponent's typical strategy, such as being too tight and not being aggressive sufficient post-flop or calling you out too many times preflop. The use of exploitative strategies to take advantage of such players does not necessitate hundreds of hours in front of a computer analyzing GTO plays, but rather a straightforward exploitative technique that is straightforward and easy to implement.

While this is true, if you want to reach your full potential as just a poker player, you need to employ every tool at your disposal — meeting tough opponents will inevitably occur as you progress through the ranks of the game. After all, until the circumstance calls for it, you don't have to resort to solver-based tactics. Simply recognizing where you should begin with a well-balanced strategy will give you the confidence and understanding to deviate from to take advantage of any mistakes your villains make.

When It Comes To Employing Solvers, What Are The Restrictions

Several excellent features are available in solvers, including high-volume analysis, a visual tree-building interface, and several customization possibilities, among others. The fact that these problem-solvers can teach us many topics does not diminish the fact that humans continue to outperform robots in some areas. Is it more accurate to refer to them as things that computers haven't yet conquered the entire world? On the other hand, there are three significant drawbacks.

Pots That Can Be Used In Several Ways.

Because there are several game theory equilibriums, as John Nash would put it, it appears that solvers struggle to deal with them. The calculation of GTO frequencies becomes much simpler when there are two major players in the pot. The game trees rapidly become too complicated to be able to draw any fair conclusions from simulations performed in multiway pots. -

Parameters Are A Collection Of Information About A Thing Or A State Of Affairs 

It appears that incorrect parameters are handled poorly by GTO poker solvers. When it comes to outputs, the quality of the solutions depends on the quality of the inputs. Therefore, in order to ensure a proper analysis as well as accuracy, it is advisable to select the appropriate parameters. One bet size may yield completely different results than five different bet sizes when attempting to solve the same problem. Another option is to simply include a standard range of top 20 percent hands & forget to take the top hands from your deck, which is what the villain will usually do when he 3-bets before the turn. Remember to double-check the variables for input, no matter what the situation may be.

Learn How To Play At Your Peak Performance Against Recreational Players.

If you're playing against advanced adversaries with perfect strategies, such as highly skilled winning poker gamers who can throw GTO gambling game moves against you on any given day, solvers are excellent resources. The problem is that they don't provide you with plays that will fully exploit calling stations as well as maniacs. 

It takes more than just GTO poker solvers to win the most money against various types of poker players. It takes a lot of knowledge to win against various types of poker players. Only a small number of poker players are capable of implementing close strategies at the tables, and this is a rarity. In order to plug one's leaks, we recommend that you implement solver remedies against good players in HU pots; there is merely no other option.

Parameters For The Poker Solver

When dealing with a positions player (OOP), if you don't know the exact ranges, you could indeed make an educated guess as to which hands are included.

In the Position Player (IP) Ranges – the same as in the OOP Range, if you don't know the exact combinations in the range, make a guess.

Usually, starting with the flop and working your way up is the most effective method of problem-solving.

Starting Pot – the amount of money that would be in the middle just at the start of the game. You can use a formula such as Big Blind = ten chips to make all of the sums easy to understand.

Effective Stacks – an effective stack sizes that gamers have in their possession behind the scenes

Betting Options  – this is the parameter that is the most difficult to configure. You must reduce the number of available bet sizes to keep the game tree manageable; otherwise, generating meaningful results is nearly impossible!

If you want to get sims from the specific rake environment, you can use the rake command, which is optional but very useful. Rake has a significant impact on win rates, particularly at lower stakes, where optimal play may differ significantly from high stakes, where the rake is negligible.

How To Get Started With Solvers

The process of getting started with solvers is fairly straightforward: simply purchase a license, watch a brief starting guide video, and you're ready to go. Alternatively, if you want to understand how to use solvers more quickly, you can buy a PioSOLVER course online, which will provide you with additional learning material. 

In What Ways Have Problem Solvers Altered The Poker Metagame?

It is possible to define the metagame of any came as the general strategies employed by players, the modifications made by players when competing against one another, and how the dynamics of these strategies and adjustments determine overall play. Since the introduction of televised pokers games with visible hole cards, poker training sites, and now GTO poker solvers, the metagame has progressed at an exponential rate. 

You'll come throughout many opponents who have 'put in their minutes at the lab' on big sites like GPoker, Americas Cardroom, as well as partypoker when you play at stakes of NL200 and higher. This means they've studied a lot of strategies with such a poker solver. Let's take a list of common metagame changes among poker players that have been attributed to the solver study.

Sizing Of Small Flop C-Bets

After raising the stakes preflop, solvers tend to prefer tiny bet sizes in so many flop situations. The opposite is true as well, with many players now betting small regardless of the structure of a flop and the opponent they're up against. Small flops c-bet sizing is becoming increasingly popular, but it won't help you much if you don't put this information to use when it's most appropriate.

Preflop 3-Bet Sizing Has Been Increased.

3-bet sizes have increased significantly as a result of the fact that solutions are primarily concerned with denying the equity of an opener once placing a 3-bet. This pattern can be seen particularly clearly in 3-bets placed by Small Blind & Big Blind, respectively.

Overbets Should B

e Turned Over.

The flop solvers seem to be eager to fire pot overbets of up to 2x the pot size against reduced ranges that check-call, whereas we typically use smaller bet sizes on the flop against uncapped ranges. This places the greatest amount of pressure on our opponent's range and has the potential to force mistakes from adversaries who are unfamiliar with the mathematics of overbets as well as the theory that underpins them to make mistakes. It can be difficult to make the best choices when playing against opponents who overbet frequently post-flop, particularly if you don't get to see everything they have in hand until the showdown.

A More Aggressive Style Of Play Oop

A more aggressive approach to playing poker is recommended because poker is about realizing our equity while preventing our opponents from realizing theirs (at least if you want to maximize your expected value!). When playing OOP with both value hands as well as hands that weren't quite strong enough just to check-call and still have some EV if you do get called, solvers frequently opt for check-raises post-flop to increase their chances of winning the pot.

In Tournaments, Open Limping Is Acceptable.

For a long time, open limping was regarded as a source of leakage, but that perception has recently shifted. It is especially common in tournament circumstances where smaller stack dimensions are in play that open limping is used.

Bb Defending Ranges Are Quite Extensive.

The mid-2010s was a time when the majority of players would play extremely tight, even against late role opens from of the blinds. Advanced players have begun to defend wide again in 6-max cash games and tournaments with antes, which is a welcome return for them. Protecting a broad range of palms against batsmen without giving up far too much post-flop is an essential skill, particularly for most players who play in tournaments. Once you have a broad range of assets for BB defending, post-flop decisions will be more difficult to make, but dealing with them will become easier as you gain more experience in the game.

Comments From Professionals On Poker Solvers

"Solvers are indeed an incredibly valuable tool for anyone serious about their poker game when they are properly implemented. It will take a little time to become familiar with poker software, and it'll all be worth the effort."


Many different methods can be used to take poker players from micro stakes to the top of the game, including playing as well as studying the game on your own, hiring a coach or mentor to guide you, and becoming a subscriber to a poker training website. You can use GTO pokers solvers to learn what modern pokers are played and also how great players go around constructing one‘s ranges for specific situations in these methods. With each passing year, the poker universe is becoming more competitive. Because modern poker software, such as solvers, does not require the computer resources of a supercomputer, you can begin using them with a relatively low initial investment.

The use of solvers such as PioSOLVER as well as GTO Range Builder is not required for reaching the top of a pokers pyramid; rather, it is recommended that you take advantage of all of the options and tools that are presently available to you to become the best players you possibly can be. Neither route is superior to the other; there is no need to choose. Some of the best gamblers are studying hands from both an exploitative and a solver perspective, and some of them are using a solver.

Poker Solver: Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Is A Poker Solver, And How Does It Work?

A poker solver is a piece of software that is used to find the best plays in a variety of situations and spots that can arise in a poker game. To put it another way, you can use solvers to figure out how you will play one range based on previous actions and the available bet sizes.

2. And What's The Best Pokers Solver On The Market?

PioSOLVER and MonkerSolver are two of the best GTO solvers available on the market. It is possible to input information such as starting ranges, bet sizes, and desired precision into the PioSOLVER poker solver for Holdem. MonkerSolver is the most popular Omaha solver, although it also works for Holdem and other games. With PioSOLVER and MonkerSolver, you can investigate the most optimal poker strategy based on analysis and mathematics.

3. What Does Piosolver Set You Back Per Month?

PioSolver is available for $249 for the basic version. The Pro version costs $475 and includes two installations as well as scripting capabilities. The most powerful of these is the edge variant of Pio, which costs $1099 and includes a preflop solver as a standard feature.

4. What Exactly Do Poker Problem Solvers Do?

A solver is a powerful part of poker software that calculates 'optimal' strategies (also known as solutions) for various scenarios that are entered by the player. One of the most frequently used solvers is PioSolver, which is followed by GTO+ as well as Simple Postflop.

5. What Is The Cost Of A Poker Solver?

The price point also is competitive for methods for solving, with PioSOLVER basic version costing $249, which is less than the industry average. It also comes in two versions: a pro version for $475 (which includes two installs and scripting capability), and an edge version for $1,099 (which does not include scripting capability).