Casino Poker Chip Sets

You may want to get a good set of chips if you and your friends have a frequent poker night, rather than utilizing paperclips, nutshells, and pennies, as your poker chipsets.

Even if you're not rising, you can get your hands on a decent set of poker chips.

When Buying Playing Cards, What To Pay Attention To

How many should I order? For a bit of home match, 36-50 chips are sufficient. However, using 300-500 chips set for an amateur event of six to ten players is more than enough. Having much as you believe you'll need is always a good idea.

Some sets contain dollar amounts noted, while others control digits without any connection to currency. Of course, it all relies on the quality of your gamers and the purpose of the game. On the other hand, Unmarked chips help set the quantity to anything you want and modify it whenever you want. Newbies, on the other hand, may be perplexed by this.

There Are A Few Terms You Should Know About Poker Chip Sets:


Many people use the term "casino-quality," but it doesn't mean what you'll see on a Las table. In general, it refers to something of more excellent quality, such as the feel and looks of a genuine chip found in the world's most prestigious gambling establishments.


Using the term "flashing" relates to the engraving around the borders of the chip, which provides some grip and is quite enjoyable to grind together as you're thinking about what your next step should be. If no flakes had yet fallen out of the sky, these chips tended to stack more easily than smooth chips.

China clay chips have no metal slugs, making them lighter than an actual casino chip.


It's not uncommon for "ceramic" to be just a thermoplastics with printed patterns on it, rather than stickered or stamped. If you're only seeking to keep your wins piled and orderly, be mindful that certain ceramics have a smooth texture, but they might be too good, resulting in unpleasant spinning and sliding.


There are two types of "plastic" chips in this context: ultra-lightweight chips and metal slug-weighted chips made entirely of plastic. If you're looking to buy a large number of chips at a low price, the latter option may be the best. However, although they're solid and long-lasting, their flatness deteriorates over time, causing uneven swaying When they're placed together on top of one other. In addition, the chips can fall off your hands and scatter all over the place when this occurs. As a result, they are not as sturdy or heavy-duty as many bigger models, and they typically emit a distinct PVC-like smell.


There is a perceptible weight towards the quality poker chip sets, "compression-molded," resembling casino chips in appearance and feel. Using metal powder as a weighting agent is a given when making slugs without using a metal slug. If you're looking for something a little more unique, these might not be your best option. As long as they're correctly cared for, they'll last a long time, and the images won't flake off throughout time, unlike stickers.

Deck of cards and Dealer buttons is part of the package in some of the most excellent poker motherboard chipsets. Plaques are included in some sets to reflect unreasonably huge winnings. Handmade chips in your patterns are also accessible and used cards from actual casinos. Several companies provide sampler packages to acquire a sense of the chips before committing to a complete set.

For Your Next Card Night, We've Rounded Up Our Top Four Entire Chipsets Below. 

1. Two Sets Of Trademark Game Pieces:

This 500-piece set comprises seven different colors and arrives in a silver aluminum box,  felt-lined.

Everything you'll need to throw a game night is in this location. There are different pairs of  "Big Blind,” "Dealer" buttons, "Smallblind," and playing cards, and a couple of keys to open up the package Once the game is over.

Most of the chips are the same weight and size as a gambling clay chip. They’re just plastic, though. A basic shape and the unlabeled fragments allow you to adjust the chips' values to anything you choose and even place your custom-designed labels on them.

It is possible to play poker at home with a set of sturdy chips. Other games, like Poker, also work well with this.

2. The Fat Greedy Clay Gambling Chip Set By Fat Cat

Fat Cat started as a pitch company in a Milwaukee pub but has grown to produce a wide range of high-quality game components. This chips package is no exception. Select contains 500 11.5g Clay tec stripes dice playing cards, all unregistered so that you might set your denominations each time you play.

They are tiny yet have a perfect weight, and when joined together, they make a pleasing "clacking" sound.  In addition to the buttons for  "small blind," "dealer," and "large blind," the kit comes with two playing cards. Everything is nicely packaged in a silver aluminum travel case and is ready to use immediately out from the box.

It's a good match for real casino chips in diameter, weight, and thickness.

3. Kovot Dice Type Poker Set With 300 Poker Chip Sets

It is the smallest of the three sets, weighing 9.5 pounds. As a result, it’s possible to play a game anywhere with a sample of 300 chips in five different colors.

It's hard to tell that these cards a breach of trust has not occurred of clay, but they have a heaviness to them that's comparable to a live casino chip's.

This pair includes these products.: a box with dice, keys, and cards. If you're a novice or a regular player, that's the perfect set for you,

4.  Da Vinci Casino Del Sol Professional Poker Cards Set

Each chip has a metallic core, but the clay mixture covering makes these cards a little heavier than standard poker chips. In addition, vinyl stickers in the center of each fragment are weaker than the device's surface so that stacking them does not damage the print.

It's clear simply from all over the table that the numerals are large and easy to read.

Although these chips aren't professional-level, they're still a step up from the ordinary one you'll buy in a big-box retailer.

Comparison Of Three Types Of Poker Chip Sets

Clay, ABS, and composite are the three most common materials used to make poker card sets. Pack sizes range between 100 to 1000 cards, and there are countless design options to choose. If you're thinking about getting your own set of playing cards but aren't sure which ones would be best, keep reading to learn more. We'll take a look at all of them and the pros and cons of each.

Accurate betting chipsets include Poker Chips Pair, thicker and more robust than the cheaper brands. Gambling titles like  Double Royal Flush and 4-aces get various poker-themed patterns. The images show everything from sets of card games to rolls in a detailed and intriguing way. In some instances, there are no images at all but rather "area spots" placed on the margins of the cards.

Other options include dealer and rice buttons and poker chip sets in aluminum or wooden containers. However, due to the general chips' weight, the aluminum cases within the beyond experienced some issues. Their weight began to put too much strain on their joints and handles at around 20 kg. As a result, most current examples have been strengthened and developed significantly from their predecessors.

Chips of ABS

They compressed durable plastic that can withstand a great deal of abuse and remain intact. These poker chip sets are the cheapest, but they're often the most eye-catching. For example, they can be written on much more quickly than clay because of the plastic's toughness, and they may be personalized with hot stamping or have their picture snaps posted right away. The model is available in China, and each chip weighs about 11.5 grams.

The advantages include the lowest price and viewing photographs directly on the chip.

The plastics make them greasy so that they wouldn't stack well. It is a drawback. It Tends to topple over when you move a stack throughout the table. Because of the plastic-like feel, It also bounces around more when struck on the table.

As a starting poker card set or a funky gift, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, eye-catching set of chips. As a result of their low price, they are ideal for big championships and fundraisers that require a considerable number of chips.

Integrated Chips

A mixture of plastic and clay alleviates some of the drawbacks of ABS chipping. Unfortunately, producers aren't always forthcoming with the information about clay content. These usually are better plastics than sand, but they are still a level higher and have a significant price increase over ABS. The chip has a label with a picture of the picture put on it. As in the past, a metal inlay contributes to their increased weight.

It stacks better than ABS since it's less slippery, but it's less precise due to the clay particles. Nevertheless, a wide range of eye-catching designs covers the labels.

In addition, they make an excellent beginner set of chits because of their low price, especially for the lower-end patterns, much like cubes or ideal ones without labels but only side designs imprinted in the chip.

Clay Poker Chips

Clay poker chips are most often the case with poker chipsets with a higher clay to plastics composition ratio. However, a clay-based chip does not exist due to its extreme brittleness. A metal inlay with categorized and uncategorized patterns decorates the rims instead. Such chips are typically manufactured in China and weigh between 13.5 and 14 grams.

Advantages – The clay element allows them to stack taller than ABS or composite because of the different weights. Quasi poker chip sets, as well as the tri-colored ones, feature the same fantastic graphics.

These gambling chipsets are an excellent upgrade from composites or ABScomposites in terms of functionality. Perfect for home poker tournaments.

Clay Poker Chips - The Real Deal

These items have many names, including "Pure Clay" and "All Clay," depending on the website where they bought, yet they all include clay. The chip gets a "sticky" feel and stacks well with a thicker texture. They're pretty expensive, with some going for over a dollar a chip. Compared to authentic casino games pieces, the mass of these bits is far lower and more consistent at roughly 7 to 10 grams.

Sound and feel like actual online gambling chips – Advantages You can move them along a table, and they won't fall over, making it easy to keep them in order. Because there are no metallic inlays, the sound is likely to be authentic. Additionally, there are no tags to remove or scrape off of them.

Because they're so pricey, Friends can use these to play tiny video games at home with each other. Nevertheless, it’s a must for any serious poker player to own a set of these.

Online Poker Chip Personalization: What Options Do I Have?

For the most part, the right-hand side of the manufacturer's website allows you to replace a photo or a text field unless you prefer the style.

To further personalize the style, click the "Customize More," which will enable you to change the design components for that layout.

Make adjustments between the back and front of the playing card, if necessary, and the border.

Do I Have To Pay A Fee For Purchasing A Design?

Please click on the item name to visit the item page when you like a theme on the webpage but like us to change it for your projects. Select a quantity and select "Professional Design" from the "Design Options" drop-down list.

Make sure that the following statement and resources are ready when you reach us in some other way:

  • A finished piece of art or design instructions for a work of art

  • quantity and type of product

  • Dates and specifications provided by the customer;

  • instructions/requirements for shipping the product

Is It Possible To Alter The Colour Of The Playing Card In A Template?

Sure! There is a lot like about the online for the free designing tool because it allows you to adjust the color, number,  and style, among other things, by choosing the appropriate fall.


When purchasing chips for your own game, the last thing to consider is that it is unlikely that you need to get a set from a local retailer. It doesn't matter how great your chips are if somebody in your play acceded them. To avoid a lot of tension, you don't want any extra poker chip sets to show up at the boards.

Although everyone in my league is fair and honest, it's best to be on the safe side. It is always best to be prepared than unhappy for recreational and professional players alike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is The Clay Used In Claytec Casino Chips?

The best Playtech chipsets available are a complete set of 500 11g Claytec striping poker chipsets in various colors.

What's The Point Of A Blackjack Set, Then?

In a game of chance, the participants typically forecast dice rolls. Using chips from a poker set to play craps is a simple matter. Craps only requires two dice. Therefore this concept falls flat in a poker set.

Is There Anything Else in a Full Poker Set?

In individual poker tournaments or other betting games like craps or roulette, a standard set of casino chips typically includes black, green, blue,  white, and red chips.